The cost of not renting enough Portable toilets

By May 4, 2016Blog

There are quite a lot of items to consider when organizing your event. Among the primary issues you are going to need to learn is just exactly how many people will soon be arriving to your event. Obtaining a headcount is vital as it is going to allow you to plan just how many porta johns to get as well as what tasks you’ll do.
When your event will be outside or even indoors with insufficient bathrooms, you will have to find out exactly how many portable toilets you’re planning to need to rent. Any occasion needs bathroom accessibility so your guests wont have to find a shrub if your event is outside.
These toilets come fully stocked, disinfected and ready to use. All of our units have hand sanitizer dispensers in them. Among the best advantages of Portable Bathroom Rentals is they are simple to set up. Portable toilets are also called porta-potties.
Standard toilets are for one person at a time. We also have ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible units. These are also great for families as there is plenty of room for a child and a parent. We can also add units with sinks or even stand alone hand wash stations outside of the porta pottys.
One method to find out how many you are going to require would be to have 1 portable toilet per 50-100 individuals. Maybe not everybody is definitely going to use it at once thus one toilet should cover-up to 100 visitors. Many people might believe this really is inadequate and can get 2 portable toilets per 100 visitors.
It is actually up to which kind of occasion you might be organizing. If you’re organizing an all-day event and you happen to be providing lots of foods and beverages we’d suggest you get 2 toilets per 100 visitors. Serving alcoholic beverages can greatly increase the amount of uses porta potty will see.
Event length also plays a role in just how many portable restrooms you’ll need. The toilet will only hold so much waste and after that it’s going to have to be pumped. Should you be having a a few day event using lots of people folks you are going to be needing more toilets or additional cleanings.
Portable toilets are excellent but maybe not having enough may certainly be problem for both you as well as your attendees. It’s always easier to purchase additional than not enough. No one likes to wait in a line or use a dirty portable restroom. Contact us today to see how we can help make your next event a success.