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Portable toilet rental costs are insignificant compared to the money they’ll save your construction project in the long run. For jobs that demand flexibility, our job is accommodation. At Potty Pros, our goal is to make your life easier by providing the best products and job site services when you need them. A portable restroom issue should be the last thing on your mind when running a complex construction project. We make sure our drivers communicate regularly with customers, arrive on time for each and every service call and leave your restrooms clean, fresh and ready for use. When your mind is off portable restroom concerns, you can dedicate your time to what’s really important, the job at hand.

Portable restrooms save time and reduce labor costs, as workers waste less time by using the strategically-located portable toilet, and have more work time to complete the project. Potty Pros’ toilets are easy to relocate and transport: the portable toilet, supplies and equipment including hand-washing facilities follow the workers as the project progresses, again saving you time and money.

Demanding more from your employees means providing a suitable worksite. If your portable toilets are not thoroughly serviced and maintained to the highest standards, your company will waste money, as workers will go from unit to unit to find a clean one or simply leave the job site to locate an acceptable restroom.Potty Pros’ extra-clean portable toilets will keep your workers on-site, and they are also a morale booster, as they reflect your concern for the safety and dignity of your workers.

If you are persuaded to rent something cheap or go with a one stop waste shop, like a garbage hauling company that just happens to also rent toilets, we assure you – it will cost you more in the long run! What looks like a low price can bring with it a lot of trouble. Like lack of cleanliness, inconsistent servicing, and that notorious odor.

Potty Pros ensures that your job site will be efficient, professional, and presentable for your workers, supervisors, and guests. With no worries about finding quality portable toilets for rent in New Jersey, you save time, energy, and money.

The difference is clear from the moment we arrive at your worksite: portable toilets, supplies and equipment from Potty Pros will improve your worksite and exceed your every expectation of portable sanitation services.



Offering the best portable toilet service. Ever.
Don’t let worries about portable toilet rental costs make you compromise on quality.
We focus on just ONE thing — portable toilets — and we know our stuff when it comes to maintenance. First, we use only clean, fresh tap water and bio-degradable detergents to sanitize our units. Then, when we service the units in the field, we sanitize the entire interior and rinse with fresh tap water.



The difference is clear from the moment we arrive at your worksite


Potty Pros will ensure that your

worksite runs smoothly

  • Reliable, on-time delivery, pick-up and relocation
  • Routine Unit Maintenance
  • Uniformed, trained and industry certified service technician.
  • We have service logs in every unit so you can monitor the days we were there.
  • Professional, knowledgeable in-house staff
  • Service Technicians – Our fully certified service technicians ensure that your equipment is clean and ready, on-time, every time.
  • Competitive Pricing – Our goal is to provide you with the BEST service in the New Jersey and NYC at a competitive rate.
  • Prompt response to emergency service requests and other needs.
  • Our Staff is available, by request, to come to your site to resolve service issues, i.e., placement, training, proper service levels, etc.
  • We have detailed Service Procedures which is the foundation of our training program and we have very strict standards.
  • Effective Solutions Customized to Fit Your Needs – Our team of expert sales representatives work individually with each customer to develop the most effective sanitation solutions for their jobsite. We adapt our equipment, services, and even our servicing schedule to meet your needs.
  • Service Guarantee- The difference at Potty Pros is “Service.” With years of experience, we are specialists in providing the best quality service on your jobsite. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We provide a damage waiver program that eliminates those surprises if a unit gets damaged or destroyed. Most policies have deductibles too high to pay for destroyed equipment. For pennies a day you can eliminate your expense.

A company that takes environmental

stewardship seriously

Be More Efficient!

Potty Pros understands that providing favorable and efficient worksite conditions requires clean, top-quality portable restrooms and thorough service and maintenance. Don’t let portable toilet rental costs be the only factor in choosing a provider: we deliver industry-leading, state-of-the-art equipment and reliable service to exceed all of your expectations, and we’ll save you money in the long run!

Employees Units
1-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4

Over 40: 1 facility for each 10 additional employees

***Assume facilities are serviced once a week.

Portable restrooms are the primary sanitation facility for the construction industry. When employees have to leave the job site or walk too far to use restroom facilities, it costs money. Studies show that the average time needed (including travel) to make one off-site restroom usage is 7 minutes. This does not include costly fringe benefits or rate/union sites.The cost of 10 minutes of wasted toilet time per employee, per day:

Hourly Rate 5 Employees 10 Employees
$15.00 $3187.50 $6375
$20.00 $4249 $8498
$25.00 $5312 $10624
$40.00 $8498 $16966

FORMULA: Hourly rate ÷60 Minutes per hour × 10 Minutes × Number of Employees × 255 days per year

***For every $1.00 spent to provide toilets for workers, contractors can earn $4.00

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